Decorating With Area Rugs

Area Rugs are the perfect backdrop for today’s interiors. Whether adorning a wooden floor or one that’s already carpeted, area rugs can play a starring role. Today’s interiors include beautiful open floor plans. With all the beauty and openness comes the challenge of defining your different areas without loosing that spacious feeling. Area Rugs can be a wonderful solution.

Different size rugs can define spaces. By combining the different sizes and using the same color schemes in the rugs, you expand your visual space, thus keeping the open plan. Even in kitchen to casual dining areas, rugs are a great design solution!

Finding the right rug is no small task. That’s why, if you find a rug you love – one you know will make a lasting impression – you should make it the first element you select for your room, then have the other furnishings fit around the rug’s color. If your room’s already furnished, choose an area rug that links the dominant or accent colors. And if your room is full of busy fabric patterns, consider a solid-color rug with a contrasting border.

Coles Oriental Rug Gallery features handmade rugs from all the world’s major rug weaving centers. Our experts can help you find your perfect rug or runner. Buy from a dealer you can trust, Coles has been family owned and operated in San Diego since 1947.

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