Carpet Binding- Coles Can Do It!

Have extra carpet pieces? Make your scrap carpet into something special- let us turn them into area rugs, runners or doormats. Our binding, serging, and made-to-order rug departments can take your leftover carpet and create the finishing touch.

You can also buy our readymade remnants. We have hundreds of bound remnants at our San Diego & San Marcos locations ready for you to take home today, offered in an array of colors, textures, and sizes- from doormat to full sized area rugs.

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2 Responses to Carpet Binding- Coles Can Do It!

  1. Kate Nagy says:

    Do you ever have matching bound remnants in sizes 3×8 and 3×5?

    • admin says:

      We do have 3×5 remnants that are often similar if not the same look. Unfortunately, we don’t have any pre-cut 3×8 remnant pieces however you can always purchase a larger size remnant and have it cut down to the right size and bound on the edges. I hope this helps!

      -Web Team

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