Capture Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner

February 21st, 2014

Capture Carpet CleanerThe secret to longer lasting and beautiful carpet is Capture®. Regular cleaning with Capture® followed by vacuuming is all you need!

Capture Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner is composed of thousands of tiny particles that behave like super sponges to absorb dirt, spills and allergens. Capture is safe on all types of fibers and fabrics and is approved for use on all stain resistant carpets. It is even safe for use on wool rugs! Professional carpet cleaning without the huge bill.

Once the stain particles have been properly absorbed by the Capture powder, it won’t let them go. You don’t have to worry about tracking dirt and odors from one area of your home to another while using Capture. You can keep using your rooms while you clean, and just vacuum up the powder when you’re done!

Capture is convenient. You can clean your carpets whenever and wherever you want. It cleans everything from spots to spills in hallways or even whole rooms. No rentals or professionals needed and no more wet, soggy carpet.

Capture is safe too! It can be used with children and pets, it won’t damage your carpet or rugs — even wool — and contains no bleach, solvents or harsh chemicals.

It is effective! Capture easily removes the toughest dirt, odors and stains. It’s great for pet accidents and odors and won’t leave any sticky residue, so stains won’t reappear.

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Stainmaster® PetProtect™ carpets

February 7th, 2014

The Coles family has been a longtime supporter of the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA, so it only makes sense that we sell flooring that can withstand the messes that come with being a pet owner.

STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ carpet has built in stain protection to resist even the toughest pet stains and easily releases pet hair during vacuuming. The STAINMASTER® carpet cushion has a breathable barrier that helps keep moisture and spills from soaking into the cushion and subflooring which makes the carpet even easier to thoroughly clean and reduces odors.

Using SuperiaSD™ commercial grade fibers with built-in stain protection PetProtect™ carries the best pet warranty offered by the STAINMASTER® brand. Urine, vomit and feces are all covered under the PetProtect™ warranty, along with limited warranties covering soiling, food and beverage stains, fading, texture loss, abrasive wear and static shock.

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Is it Wood? Is it Tile? Armstrong Sheet Vinyl Looks like the Real Thing!

January 24th, 2014

Armstrong Vinyl FlooringArmstrong Vinyl Sheet Flooring offers the peace of mind that comes from a trusted brand with over 100 years of quality, style and lasting value in North America. With the most beautiful colors and textures in vinyl flooring including wood, stone and alternative styles,  Armstrong is ahead of the curve in the flooring industry for floors with easy care and stain-resistant finishes that make cleaning a breeze. Lasting durability for every lifestyle and quick and easy installation options (including permanent glue-down or glue-free loose lay installation) make it so easy to find the perfect vinyl flooring for any situation.

Armstrong’s Duality products are perfect for those who want the best of everything. Style, comfort and durability, all backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Armstrong’s Cushionstep products are backed by 10- to 15-Year Warranties and are the best for homes looking for style and comfort above all else.

For those who experience a lot of heavy wear and tear and need something much more stain resistant, Armstrong’s Stratamax backed by 20-Year and Lifetime Warranties is the best option.

By eliminating the worries over damaging wood floors by mopping or constantly trying to restore your tile’s grout to its original beauty, you can have the same styles without the concerns of maintenance and durability. Vinyl flooring has come a long way since the old linoleum floors of the 70’s. Armstrong Sheet Vinyl comes in a large variety of durable and stylish designs including wood, stone, ceramic and slate visuals.

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7th Annual Princess Project San Diego

January 17th, 2014

Since 2007, the Princess Project San Diego has been providing donated dresses and accessories to financially-challenged high school girls for their proms. This season there are four locations hosting giveaways throughout San Diego, Horton Plaza, El Cajon Library, Vista Library and the South Chula Vista Library. Most locations will require appointments ahead of time, but the central San Diego location at Horton Plaza will have two all-day “walk-in days.”

To donate, visit one of the many locations all over San Diego County, including all Coles locations. Dresses, shoes, wraps and accessories are all greatly appreciated donations. For a full list of drop off locations, visit:

The Princess Project is 100% Volunteer –led and help is always needed.

Dress Giveaway dates will be between March 12th and March 22nd, 2014. Check back to for more information.

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Princess Project San Diego

January 13th, 2014

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Coles for San Diego Humane Society

January 13th, 2014

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Luxurious Karastan Area Rugs

January 3rd, 2014

In 1928 Marshall Field built a loom capable of recreating the details of a hand woven rug. Since the very beginning Karastan has been known for their elegant machine-made rugs that rival their handmade counterparts. At the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago, Karastan invited people to walk on one of their Kirman Panel rugs and, after more than 5 million people tracked their footprints across it, they cleaned it up. One side was left unrecognizably filthy while the other was returned to its original beauty and luster. To prove the demonstration was no fluke, they did it again! At the New York World’s Trade Fair in 1939-1940 more than 9 million people walked on their rugs earning Karastan the title of “The Wonder Rungs of America.”

Karastan’s In House Dyeing process uses only Premium dyes guaranteeing superior color clarity, fade resistance and exact color matching. Using coordinating color pallets across the board in each collection makes it easy to match multiple rugs with different styles and patterns. Each rug goes through more than fifty Quality Control checks, ensuring that every rug is as perfect as can be. Not only is Karastan a green company, but every rug is also made in the USA, shipping from Eden, North Carolina. Karastan makes the best machine-made rugs in the world with over 70 years experience.

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The Versatility of Stair Runners

December 18th, 2013


Stair Runners, or Roll Runners, are often offered to coordinate with choices from area rug collections. There are many advantages to stair runners. They help protect hardwood or stone flooring, provide safer tread on otherwise slick surfaces, and — perhaps the best advantage — is aesthetics.

Stair runners are often the mark of luxury and customization in a home. Paired with area rugs, carpet and other design elements, the runners usually tie the room together with color, pattern and style. They are also the perfect way to ad definition to a particularly open stairway or hallway.

There are also a few ways to decorate a stair runner once you choose to go that direction. Carpet rods and brackets hold the runner in place on the stairs while also adding an antique style to the staircase. With multiple finishes it is easy to match them to any décor and there are many different styles to choose from making it very customizable. Add a touch of class with a brass stair rod and ornate pineapple tip!


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2014 Pantone Color Trends

December 10th, 2013

2014 Pantone Colors

Every year Pantone, the global authority on color, surveys the designers of New York Fashion Week and more to bring you the season’s most prominent color trends. This year’s Pantone forecast has everything you need.

Placid Blue 2014 Pantone Hemlock 2014 Pantone Violet Tulip 2014 Pantone

The Placid Blue, Hemlock green and Violet Tulip are very versatile pastels that can be paired with almost any other color in the spectrum. These three colors are often found in nature — the tranquil sky blue, the romantic floral purple, and the ornamental green of springtime foliage — which makes them easy to see with bolder hues for a modern palette.

Sand 2014 Pantone Paloma 2014 Pantone

The token neutral this year is the warm and toasty Sand which pairs beautifully with a cool green Hemlock and even the warm grey tones of Paloma for an enticing neutral atmosphere.

Cayenne 2014 Pantone Freesia 2014 Pantone Celosia Orange 2014 Pantone

The bold Cayenne red paired with the blazing Freesia created a excitement and illumination that will be very popular in wardrobes this season. Celosia orange is the natural third to the warm hue family this year, but also fits swimmingly with the Violet Tulip conjuring images of a setting sun.

 Dazzling Blue 2014 Pantone

We finish this year’s pallet up with Placid Blue’s polar opposite Dazzling Blue and 2014’s Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid — Violet Tulip’s bolder counterpart. Both of these vibrant hues pair well across the board, adding confidence to other bold colors and complimenting pastels perfectly.

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Trends in Flooring: Patterns!

November 22nd, 2013

Patterned carpets are one great way to add your own touch of individuality to a room. Whether it’s wall to wall leopard print in your walk in closet or a dark plaid in your man cave, patterned flooring is the perfect way to express yourself.

Ralph Lauren Leopard  Ralph Lauren Plaid

Bold prints aren’t the only way to add patterns to your life, highly textured carpets using different loop and tuft lengths create dimensional, multi-leveled carpet designs that really jump out at you.

Stainmaster Dixie Home Azure  Stainmaster Woodlawn

Black and white flooring is making a huge comeback this year thanks to its dramatic checkered pattern — which can be laid out straight or diagonally — that helps every other piece in the room stand out.

Armstrong Alterna  Armstron Duality Premium

Herringbone is back! Many people are reclaiming these floors from centuries old French Chateaus and repurposing them in newer homes for authenticity.

Amtico Herringbone

Bold patterns ranging from chevrons to octagons and medallions are also being made from tile and stone and even being painted. Moroccan Tile, inlaid marble and limestone, and stencil painted floors have been huge this year.

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