Easy Ways to Spruce up your Bedroom

April 1st, 2015

Humans spend 25 years of their life sleeping. That’s twenty-five years spent in our bedrooms! Here are a few easy ways to spruce up the room we spend so much time in.


Reupholster your headboard!

Whether you DIY or pay a professional, this is an easy update with a big impact! Use a patterned fabric as a focal point in the room or use a solid color that will add class and sophistication to your space. The choice is yours!


Woven Grassland

Adorn your wall

Sometimes all it takes is a piece of artwork or a new accessory to really transform a room. Mirrors are a great way to bounce light around the room, and there are so many options that can add a glamorous vibe to your space. A gallery wall or a large piece of artwork are also great options for adorning walls.



Add an accent wall

While painting one wall in a room is a popular choice, adding a more architectural accent has a certain unexpected extravagance. Plank walls are very popular right now and are easy to DIY. Other options are wainscoting or molding in a contrasting color to the walls. Even a mural would create a unique accent to a blank wall. The options are endless!



Update with an Area Rug

Area rugs are a great way to make a big update without updating the actual flooring. Swap them out seasonally or find the perfect year round area rug. Whether you are constantly updating or in for the long haul, area rugs are a great way to make a not so permanent change with a big impact.



Update your bedding

Whether you’re indulging in a higher thread count, changing up your color scheme or finally adding a canopy to your four-poster, switching up your bedding has the potential to instantly transform the whole room. You spend roughly a third of your life in bed, might as well love it, right?


Sicilian Coast H

Double up!

Maybe you’re revamping your guest room, or maybe you have a recently empty nest. As the purpose of your room evolves, so can the bed arrangement. While some people may opt for a bigger bed, doubling up is a great way to prepare for future guests. Perhaps there are grandchildren in your future? Or maybe just some in-laws who like to visit for longer periods of time. More beds mean more options.



Do something crazy!

Bored with the same old look and feel? Looking for something new and exciting? Think out of the box. Display your hobbies in an interesting way, add a unique piece of furniture or an interesting light fixture. One crazy piece can make a brilliant focal point in a minimalist white bedroom. Let your creativity shine!

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Spring Fashion Clearance – Karastan Carpet Exclusive Purchase

March 30th, 2015

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Spring Fashion Clearance 2015

March 30th, 2015

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Spring Cleaning Life Hacks!

March 27th, 2015

Spring is here and it is time to whip your home back into shape! We have created the ultimate spring-cleaning life hack guide to make this year’s cleaning as quick and painless as possible!

Start from the ceiling down to the floor! Use a pillowcase to dust fan blades, this will allow any dust bunnies to fall into the pillowcase.



Remove all drapes to be washed. Mini blinds and shutters can be cleaned using a large, soft paintbrush. Be sure to wash the outside and inside of the windows!



Give lampshades a quick roll over using a lint roller to get rid of unwanted dust. This also works great to remove pet hair from furniture!



No matter your countertop surface Better Homes and Gardens has Tricks to the Cleanest Countertops Ever.



Keep fingerprints off stainless steel with just 1 teaspoon of dish soap, warm water, and 2 microfiber towels. This simple cleaning recipe will keep your stainless steel appliances shining without having to buy expensive stainless steel cleaners.



Floors are the final stretch to your spring-cleaning marathon! HGTV has wonderful tips to make your hardwood, tile, and vinyl flooring look like new!



We find that checklists help keep spring-cleaning organized. There are several to choose from to meet the needs of your home. Here is an example from Simply Kierste!


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Coles Customers all Deserve a Miele Vacuum

March 26th, 2015

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Coles is Your Source for Miele Vacuums

March 26th, 2015

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Miele Canister Vacuums

March 26th, 2015

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Success at the San Diego Humane Society Adoption Event

March 25th, 2015


This weekend, Coles Fine Flooring teamed up with Stainmaster Carpet to co-host an Adoption Event with the San Diego Humane Society at two of our stores. It was a huge success! 10 animals found new homes and lots of kids, parents and animal lovers of all ages were able to spend the day enjoying the animals.

Lauren1 Lauren2

Lauren Coles is finishing up her last year in College at USD and is captain of her Lacrosse team. She played in a tournament after the Adoption Event. 


Look for the next adoption event at Coles in November. More information to come!

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Friday Favorites: Adding Curb Appeal!

March 20th, 2015

Curb appeal not only adds value to your property but it also creates a welcoming quality to greet you when you arrive home. We have gathered some of our favorite ideas to give your home the curb appeal you have been looking for.

Better Homes & Gardens has 20 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to your home like updating old front door hardware.



DIY Network has multiple ideas for getting the look you want all for under $100! Just painting your front door can make a big difference.



Giving your mailbox a makeover can be a fun weekend project that has a big impacted on your homes curb appeal! For more secretes to great curb appeal check out My Home Ideas.



If that isn’t enough Listotic has 17 Easy Curb Appeal Ideas Anyone Can Do!


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Choosing the Perfect Accent Color

March 18th, 2015

It’s easy to choose one color for a room. But what if you want a little more depth? Choosing colors that work well together without overwhelming a room is sometimes a much harder process. But before you give up completely and paint everything back to white, here are a few suggestions.

colorwheelBack to Basics: First let’s start with the Color Wheel

Primary colors: Yellow, red and blue.

Secondary colors: Green, orange and purple.

Analogous: Colors that are neighbors on the spectrum, such as green and yellow, or red and purple.

Complementary: Colors that oppose each other on the spectrum, such as green and red, or yellow and purple.


primary2 primary


Blue and Yellow Yellow is the lightest and brightest hue on the color wheel. Since it’s naturally warm, the most classic pairing is a cool blue. Blue is the least intense color choice possible. Whether you pick muted pastel shades like the bedroom above, or pair a bright sunshine yellow and a deep navy, balancing a warm yellow with a darker, cooler helps keep the room from feeling too loud or busy.

Primary Trio Blending the three primary colors together is a timeless tradition found across history. Starting with blue walls, add a few hits of red (a couple pieces of furniture work great) and finish with yellow spot colors for a dynamic trio of color.




Green and Purple This dark eggplant room is brightened up considerably by a splash of lime green accent wall. The bold violet hue is anchored by green which is a naturally flexible color (like a flower grounded by a stem) so the room feels full of color without overwhelming you with contrast.


complementary complimentary2


The secret to using a complementary color-scheme successfully is to let the primary hue dominate, in a muted shade, while accenting with small doses of the secondary color. This helps keep your room lively without looking too crazy. The light blue dominating the room above with splashes of bright orange is the perfect example. Likewise, the pale yellow walls of the second room, paired with the warm tones of natural wood, create a warm neutral environment. The purple shelving creates interest without diminishing the tranquility of the space.

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