Create the Perfect Beach Stay-cation Spot at Home!

June 29th, 2016

Not everybody has the time to take a long vacation every summer. For some of us, a stay-cation is all that’s in the cards this summer. The good news is we live in an amazing summer destination! So turn that frown upside down and bring a beach vacation home. With just a few small changes around the house, you can turn your day-to-day into a Beach Stay-cation.

Start the Day Off Right
Whether you’re taking a minute to eat breakfast for once before rushing off to work, sitting down to finish your coffee, or just taking a minute to flip through the newspaper, find a comfortable spot with plenty of natural light and allow yourself to start off your day with a little less whirlwind. You’re on Stay-cation, remember?



Hang an Over-sized Beach Photo in your Home
Living in the beautiful place we do, most of us have a healthy handful of beach photos on our phones, right? Get one blown up and hang it somewhere that you’ll see it daily. Whether it’s a sunset, a family portrait, or maybe just a great shot of the kids playing in the sand, a daily reminder of the relaxing times spent at the beach can work wonders.



Utilize a Calming Hue
Find a soft blue or green (or any other color that relaxes you) and use it! Whether this means painting an accent wall or swapping out your throw pillows for the summer, surround yourself in one of those calming beach cottage hues and let yourself take a deep breath.



Lighten Up your Bedroom
Swap out your colorful or patterned sheets and duvets for a mostly white bedscape. Those cool, crisp white hues will feel great on those hot summer nights.

Bedroom in Luxury Home


Display your Memories
Have a piece of coral found on vacation or driftwood you picked up on a walk? A collection of seashells the kids brought home in their pockets? Add a little bit of sentimentality to your Stay-cation by putting some of your favorite beach finds on display!



Create a Cozy Reading Nook
Set up a special place where you can work in a little “you time” on your Stay-cation and kick back with a book or magazine. Try to carve out twenty minutes a day for yourself, in your special spot.



Get outside.
And, finally, take advantage of this beautiful place we call home and drop by the beach to watch the sunset once or twice a week. Grab a pizza or some fish tacos and let yourself relax on the sand for an hour to recharge.


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Sizzling Summer Sale!

June 24th, 2016

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Sizzling Summer Sale!

June 24th, 2016

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Weekly Roundups: Themed Bedrooms for Kids

June 24th, 2016

Inspire your child with a themed bedroom to stimulate their imagination and creativity!

Good Housekeeping has 10 Super-Fun Themes for Creative Kids’ Rooms, like these adorable sports themed rooms!



Bored Panda has 22 Creative Kids’ Room Ideas that Will Make You Want to be a Kid Again. Like this nautical themed bedroom!



Check out these 8 Themed Bedrooms for Kids by HGTV! These rooms are not only fun but are also stimulating for young minds!



Create your own castle for your princess with these Princess Inspired Girls’ Rooms!


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Weekly Roundup: Home Offices

June 17th, 2016

Home offices are getting more and more popular. Here are our tips and tricks for creating and maintaining the perfect home office within your home!

Fresh Home has 30 Creative Home Office Ideas to ensure you’re Working from Home in Style.



Small space? No problem! Real Simple has 17 Surprising Home Office Ideas to choose from.




Learn How to Decorate a Home Office from County Living. Simple home offices make for a clutter-free area that enables concentration and relaxation.



Get creative with your space with HGTV’s Home Office guide. Lighting within your home office is essential for productivity. Overhead lighting offers a soft yet bright look.


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Take your Living Room to the Next Level

June 2nd, 2016

The Living Room may just be the one room families spend the most time in. Whether you’re entertaining, relaxing, or just vegging out in front of the TV, chances are the living room is the place you go to for comfort and relaxation at the end of the day. But how can you possibly relax if it just doesn’t feel complete? Here are six tips to take your living room to the next level:

Shelf your Enthusiasm

Shelves are one of the best forms of storage in a home. Whether custom built or free-standing, they’re not only useful, but can make a huge statement. To avoid that statement being “Clutter,” organize your things in an attractive way. Color code your books for a color blocked masterpiece or line your shelves with mementos that mean something to you. Whatever you decide, shelving is a great way to make a room look more spacious and less cluttered.



Consider Pendants

An oversized pendant light offers a welcome change, mixing up the usual floor lamp/ceiling fixture combination. Hanging it over the seating area creates a warm atmosphere perfect for conversations, calling people over to sit and stay a while. Opting for an abstract starburst or other unique fixture also provides a great focal point or conversation piece for your space.



Style your Surfaces

Once you learn the perfect formula for arranging surfaces like a pro, you’ll never go back. A mix of three elements is all you need to convert any surface from a cluttered mess of trinkets to a perfectly styled mantel or side table. Just remember “Flat, Vertical, Organic.”

  • Flat: Books, trays, platters, textiles
  • Vertical: Framed art, lamps, sculptures
  • Organic: Flowers, plants, driftwood, stones/shells

These three elements give you varying levels and textures, which provides interest without overwhelming the eye with unnecessary clutter and it is a universally flattering arrangement that can be customized to fit any space. On the left we have a small stack of books and a box, with a vase and a flower arrangement. On the right we have a lamp, a book, and a piece of coral. Both arrangements compliment the spaces perfectly without overwhelming it.

3 32


Mix up the Shape of your Sofa

The sofa often sets the tone for your living room. Higher, more structures sofas are generally more formal, while lower, softer sofas tend to lend a more relaxed tone to your space. Reconfigure your space to fit your needs. Do you need an overstuffed place to sink into for movie watching? Or do you need a conversation space?



Update your Old Sofa

If replacing your couch isn’t in the cards right now, a makeover for your old couch might just do the trick. Check with the manufacturer to find out if they sell slip covers for your couch. If not, you can have one custom made or – if you’re in a pinch – simply revamp with a pretty textile and a drape-and-tuck trick.



Layer your Textures

One thing many people overlook when decorating a space is texture. Layers of different textures are often what give a room that cozy, livable feeling. Mix and match from the following to bring your living room to the next level:

  • Soft: Knit throws or poufs, cashmere blankets, velvet pillows, faux furs
  • Natural: Handmade ceramics, stones, reclaimed or driftwood
  • Shiny: Glass vases, mirrored surfaces, shiny metal, Lucite
  • Rough: Linen, burlap, natural fiber rugs (jute or sisal) seagrass, wicker
  • Smooth: Leather, polished wood

This room employs so many different textures, and looks like the perfect place to curl up with a book and a glass of wine. With its soft knit pouf and cashmere throw, natural driftwood lamps and reclaimed wood table and mantle, shiny glasses, rough burlap and linen throw pillows, and smooth leather couch, it is the epitome of cozy.


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Weekly Roundups: Modern Interiors

May 27th, 2016

Modern home décor is perfect for keeping a simple, tidy home while optimizing space. With straight lines and shine this look makes for a timeless classic!

6 Midcentury Modern Interiors We Love by Dwell has the most breathtaking home interiors to inspire your next home remodel.



HGTV’s Focus on Modern Design: Sleek Decorating Ideas from HGTV Fans, shows how to design a loft space that will work for you!



Real Simple shows off 33 Modern Living Room Design Ideas! Ditch the clutter and use modern design to create a more spacious living space.



Learn how to utilize bedroom spaces using a modern interior touch from 20 Modern Bedroom Designs from Home Designing.


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Weekly Round-ups: Decorating with Carpet

May 4th, 2016

Carpet feels good under foot but also brings a cozy feel to your home, decreases noise and creates a luxurious look.

Bedrooms are one of the most popular rooms to add carpet to! HGTV displays several Bedroom Carpet Ideas to choose from to get some carpet inspiration.




HGTV has 12 Ways to Incorporate Carpet in a Room Design to achieve the look you are going for.



Better Homes and Gardens has your Ultimate Guide to Carpet and Rugs!



Houzz offers endless Designer Carpets to get your creative juices flowing!


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Weekly Round-ups: Summer Interiors!

April 29th, 2016

Summer is just around the corner! Here’s our guide to get you in the summer mindset and create the summer retreat of your dreams!

Get an idea of what your summer style is by taking a peek at House Beautiful’s Designer Summer Homes.



Check out these 21 Easy Breezy Beach House Decorating Ideas from Country Living!



HGTV showcases 10 Beach Cottage Decorating Ideas to create your very own summer retreat homestead.



Get inspired with Better Homes and Gardens 13 Decorating Ideas for Summer!



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A Special Space for your Child

April 27th, 2016

In a family home, often times a child’s bedroom is such a disaster it seems like a waste of time to try to do anything special with it. Other times, we get caught in the years between turning the nursery into a Big Girl or Big Boy bedroom and that inevitable time when your child grows out of that Princess or Dinosaur themed room, and it just gets forgotten until the child is old enough to ask for a change themselves.

There are a few things you can do during those in-between years to make your child’s space feel more special, though. Things that won’t take a home makeover crew to accomplish!

Chalkboard paint is so popular right now, and it’s also something that can grow with your child. From childhood doodles to inspirational quotes for your teen, Chalkboard walls are a great way to make a bold statement AND feed your child’s creativity at the same time! Another way to make a bold statement is with color. Choose carpet in a color that your child won’t grow out of too quickly or that could be matured with more grown up furniture or accessories as your kid grows. This purple Stainmaster carpet is the perfect example of something that couple just as easily compliment a princess bedroom OR a teen girl’s hideout.

kids1 smc44


If you don’t have the time or the means to make a big change, but you still want your little one to feel at home in their space, finding a way to make it their own is a great option. Set up a play tent or build them a fort for them to explore. There are lots of DIY options across the internet, and the best part? They are easily disassembled to allow for more play space!

kids3 kids4


Little touches often make a big impact in otherwise simple set ups. Imagine the room on the left without the canopy. Adding a mosquito net or canopy is a great way to make a simple room feel a little more special. Another way to easily spice up a simple bedroom is with good old spray paint! The pink frame on this bed gives this room just a little more color in a fun way without compromising the clean white walls. A little bit of color is sometimes all you need!

kids5 kids6


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Area Rugs are one of the easiest ways to transform a room with little to no effort on your part. Add a bit of color without committing to paint and liven up the room with a playful pattern! A pastel floral rug can be easily replaced with a modern chevron print at the drop of a hat when your child decides they’re too grown up.

Whether you’re going for a whole room makeover or just trying to update and outgrown space, your child will love having their own space that reflects their own unique personality, so have fun with it!

kids7 kids8

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