Wool Carpet VS. Synthetic Carpet

If you’re investing in Carpet the question of Wool vs. Synthetic fibers may arise when making your decision. Both choices are great but, but like any other decision in life, the answer will depend on your current situation. Here are a few things to think about before you make your final choice.

If your main concern in staining (from kids, pets, etc.), then synthetic would most likely serve you best, as it comes in all levels of stain-resistance, from very basic synthetic fibers, to those treated with Teflon and other solutions. Not that any carpet is spill-proof, but if a spill were left to soak into a patch of wool carpeting, it would eventually seep past the natural oils inherent in the wool, and stain the fiber permanently. Whereas on a synthetic carpet such as nylon, if a spill went unnoticed for some time, you could probably get the stain up with a heavy duty spot treatment. This is because the stain usually cannot permeate into the synthetic fibers like it can natural fibers such as wool.

If your main concern is lifespan & durability, wool is recommended. Wool carpeting can last a lifetime, or don’t have young children or pets in your house, then wool is definitely the best choice.  Each wool fiber has a three- dimensional spiraling crimp, which gives it natural elasticity. This elasticity means that a wool fiber can stretch up to 30% more than its original length and then bounce back just like a miniature spring. You will get the same reaction when it’s compressed. Resilience. Something wool is born with. This natural resilience permits wool carpet to withstand all the day-to-day traffic you can give it.  Wool carpets can recover easily from the unsightly crushing caused by furniture. The resiliency of each wool fiber makes an important contribution to the superior appearance retention of wool carpeting.


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4 Responses to Wool Carpet VS. Synthetic Carpet

  1. Rika Susan says:

    Some solid carpet information. What do you think about quality carpet tiles? If you love wool and don’t want to use a synthetic product, would carpet tiles be a worthwhile option as you can do section replacement in case of a stain?

    • admin says:

      Carpet tiles are great for many different environments and is great for stain prone areas. We have carpet tiles laid throughout some of our showroom areas where we get heavy traffic daily. As far as finding a non-synthetic carpet tile goes, good luck. Most of the carpet tiles we have are covered with a rubber backing and have adhesives on the underside; definitely not very natural but quite good at stain resisting and easy installation! We do offer wool products and other natural fibers as flooring options but these would need a traditional installation as opposed to a speedy commercial carpet tile installation.

  2. mary catharine bruder martell says:

    I would love to find top quality carpet squares like wool even if i had to have a professional install it for me.

  3. Ruth says:

    Advice please, I recently bought a new synthetic carpet for my living room on which I put a large Turkisg wool rug. The rug has always lainfine before but now it buckles no matter what I do. It’s as if the 2 materials are rejecting each other. What can I do? Is there any easy backing or border I could put under the rug to make it lie properly? Many thanks.

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