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Classic Designs In Contemporary Area Rugs

Karastan area rugs have a simple theory behind them: the old patterns of beautiful rugs from days gone by are still beautiful, and still add sophistication to homes now just as they did in ancient times. The Karastan company conducts extensive research into traditional rug patterns from all of antiquity, ranging from weaving patterns seen on cave drawings to samples preserved in museums.

Of course, Karastan also considers the patterns found on rugs made in India, China, and throughout the world. Many tribes still practice their traditional weaving patterns, creating breathtaking works of art. Those rugs are then made into contemporary area rugs by Karastan to bring that touch of traditional beauty into your home.


Karastan Area Rugs: Standards And Quality

Karastan has been making quality area rugs since 1928, when Marshall Field noted that the loom technology of the day had come to rival expensive, handmade rugs in quality and design. He founded Karastan area rugs, which came to be the standard known throughout the industry. Karastan rugs come in a variety of colors and designs, but they are far more durable than their hand-woven counterparts. While most contemporary area rugs need to be hand-cleaned and rarely recover if something is spilled on them, Karastan rugs can be cleaned so easily and with such good results that industry experts are amazed.

In 1933, Karastan set up a rug at the World’s Fair in Chicago. But they didn’t just let people see the rug. They invited every single person at the Fair to walk over it. By the time the rug was taken up, more than 5 million people had left their mark on the rug. Covered with every type of filth from food stains to dust to wear and tear, the rug was almost unrecognizable. Karastan then did a test: they washed one side of the rug, while leaving the other side untouched and dirty. When the cleaning was finished, the washed side was as good as new.

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