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Top Five Reasons to use an Area Rug Pad

Area rugs come in all sizes and shapes. The most popular rugs are rectangular, though other standard shapes include ovals, circles, squares and octagons. Common standard sizes range from 2-by-3-feet to 8-by-10-feet. Rug pads, too, come in standard shapes and sizes and are placed between the area rug and the floor. Rug pads are designed to protect both the floor and the rug from common, small damages that slowly erode the quality of both.



Area rugs often shift when they are walked on. Rug pads prevent them from traveling too far because the pad’s surfaces are designed to stick to both the floor and the rug. Without a rug pad to check its movement, a rug can shift enough to cause a fall. This is of particular concern on hard, slick floors — like tile, hardwood and laminate — and in areas where falling might be especially dangerous, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Rug pad tape provides even better security, and non-skid pads allow even less movement than standard pads.


One important reason to place a rug pad under your rug is when you’re not protecting the bottom of your rug; the rug rubs against your floor and can start to decay because of this. When you have a rug pad, the rug does not undergo any friction and eventually extends the life of both your rug and flooring.


Rug pads increase the lifespan of area rugs. Particularly if you have large specialty rugs, like genuine Persians, quality pads can save thousands because you will need to replace the rugs less often, if at all. Rugs wear out faster from the bottom up because they are continually being shifted and rubbed against the flooring beneath it. Over time, this friction — along with dirt and other debris that accumulates — abrades the underside. By placing a pad between the floor and the rug, much of this damage can be avoided.


Rug pads keep both the rug and the floor cleaner than it would be without one. Pads with ridges or bumps trap small particles. Pads also provide barriers from spills; a wet spill might soak the area rug, but with a good rug pad, it will likely not reach the flooring beneath it. Vacuuming also becomes more effective when a rug pad is used, as pads increase air flow. With better air flow, vacuums are more effective.


Rug pads absorb noise and provide for a more cushioned walking surface. They also aid in the rug’s appearance, helping it stay clean and in place. An area rug that continually shifts, moves and bunches is not only bothersome to correct but loses some of its beauty.

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