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Cuddle Up With Wool

As the weather gets chilly, we start to dig deep into our closets for our cozy sweaters and blankets.  Though the styles of these things are important, it is really comfort that we are seeking.  These days, we want our surroundings to be healthy, safe, and comfortable. Make your home a more comfortable place to be by starting with your wool carpeting!

Wool is a natural fiber that has been used as a source of comfort for thousands of years.  In fact, there is no other fiber quite like it.  Floor coverings made of wool offer may natural advantages.  The wool fibers are crimped and give carpeting a built-in resistance to crushing. The wool fibers are also naturally flame retardant which keeps your home safer.  Aside from these impressive abilities, wool also offers excellent sound and heat insulating properties. Read more about how wool actually creates a healthier environment by absorbing harmful contaminants from the air.

Aside from its many health and safety benefits, wool feels incredibly comfortable.  The outer cells of the wool fiber repel water, while the inner cells absorb moisture giving it warm and cozy qualities.  Wool works beyond the floor, retaining and releasing moisture during periods of high or low atmospheric humidity to make your entire home feel much more comfortable. So, as you search for your warm sweaters and blankets, consider wrapping up your floors in the toe curling comfort of wool.  Few materials are as natural, healthy, safe, beautiful or more cozy than wool carpets and rugs.

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