Stainmaster Carpet: A New Industry Standard

Since its introduction, Stainmaster has quickly risen to become one of the top carpet brands in the industry. Coles Fine Flooring is proud to be the only Stainmaster Flooring Center in the San Diego area, making them the only company authorized to sell the full range of Stainmaster products. In addition to their large Stainmaster stock, Coles has a rich understanding of Stainmaster carpet and flooring options, helping them to help you find the perfect choice for any room.

But it isn’t just Stainmaster’s selection that sets them apart from the competition. As the name implies, Stainmaster flooring actually repels stains. Instead of being woven from traditional carpet fibers, Stainmaster carpet is made from a special nylon fiber that causes spills to bead up on top of the carpet, making for easy cleanup. These same special fibers make the carpet retain its color longer and resist the daily wear and tear that can lead to fuzzing, shedding, and fiber loss. Stainmaster also designs its carpets to enhance the effect of vacuuming and aid in allergy prevention, including this technology in every carpet Stainmaster makes.

Stainmaster is also leading the way in the field of anti-static carpets. With a Stainmaster carpet, you won’t have to worry about walking across and getting an unpleasant shock from a reactive surface; Stainmaster’s carpet fibers include carbon which grounds you as you walk, dissipating the static charge.

Mohawk Carpets

With the wide variety of Stainmaster flooring available, a quality carpet retailer almost doesn’t need to carry other brands. Stainmaster can easily outperform most other carpet manufacturers, including the popular Mohawk carpets and Shaw carpets. Although both Mohawk and Shaw carpeting are undoubtedly fine carpets, they just can’t provide the color integrity and stain resistance of Stainmaster.

Shaw Carpets

Along with Mohawk carpets, Shaw is one of the most frequently requested carpeting brands. But most customers don’t know about the advantages that Stainmaster provides, both in the short-term and long-term. Stainmaster not only provides excellent selection and quality, but also superior service and durability. Only Stainmaster, not Shaw carpets, provides Ultra Life carpets with the most comprehensive protection plan in the industry. Coles Fine Flooring is the only retailer in the San Diego area authorized to carry the Stainmaster Ultra Life carpets.