Choosing Tile With Flair & Range

colored tileNatural stone tiles, and the ceramic alternatives that mimic them, can boast displays of vast color range and variation, which can be very exciting for the eye, and your home. Tile floors that feature color movement in them can sometimes seem like a bold statement, but they don’t have to be overwhelming- in fact, they can look quite natural because of that range in hue.

Here are some other reasons to consider tile with color or range:

  • Dirt, hair, and scratches are much easier to hide, because the inconsistency of color creates a camouflage effect.
  • The flooring appears to have more ‘depth’ & richness.
  • More colors present makes designing easier- there are more color choices for you to pull for accents into your decorating scheme.
  • It looks less ‘grid-like’ and mathematical. When there is no pattern or color interest, the eye falls onto the grout lines, which are emphasized and give a very geometric, sharp feeling.

Tile flooring is filled with options, and with the right choice, it can dictate a design scheme, bringing life and versatility into your décor. The best advice if you’re hesitant is to take home samples, and look at them laid on the floor, not up to your face (as this is the height you’d see the tiles from every day).