Coles Fine Flooring | Benefits of Laminate

Pet-Friendly Flooring

Wood flooring is often the number one choice of consumers when it comes to their flooring of choice.  However, if you have pets, it’s harder to have that new wood look for fear toenails and occasional accidents will damage the wood boards. If you’re starting a remodel or thinking about buying new flooring, check out a few options we sniffed out.

1. If you already have wood floors, pamper the floors and your furry friend by laying down rugs of organic fibers—like sea grass, coir, and sisal—that will shake off abrasive dirt and look natural on hardwood.

2. Stainmaster carpeting is always a great option for pet owners.  Stainmaster is specially formulated to resist stains from absorbing into the carpet fibers. Area rugs can also be made from this pet friendly carpet, and Coles can have it ready for you in days.

3. Another great pet-friendly option is vinyl flooring.  Vinyl resists moisture and can be taken up easily if you do ever need to replace it.

4.  Laminate is also a good choice for the pet conscious customer because it is a durable scratch and stain resistant surface.

5.  If you really desire real wood floors, there is still hope!  Bamboo is an eco-friendly and stain resistant alternative. Wood can also be sealed to slow down the absorption of liquids and add some strength to its delicate surface.