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Hand Scraped Wood Floors

Although hand scraped wood floors have been around for centuries, they have only recently begun to grow popular with modern audiences. Originally, hand-scraping was the only option for installing wood floors: carpenters had to level the boards on location to ensure that the floor would fit smoothly and sit level on the ground. It was impossible to get complete measurements ahead of time, meaning that an experienced craftsman had to accompany the materials to the job site to ensure that the work was completed properly.

In today’s natural flooring market, hand-scraped wood floors are more of a luxury than a necessity. Instead of offering the required adjustments, hand-scraping offers such attributes as:

  • A hand-done look
  • Grain variation
  • “Natural” appearance
  • Enhanced texture
  • Visual richness

Better Than Other Natural Flooring?

But how does one objectively judge what “richness” is? Is it impossible to achieve a “hand-done” look unless you use hand-scraping? With today’s range of natural flooring options, that hardly seems likely. Armstrong wood flooring alone offers a great variety with a much smaller price tag than hand-scraped flooring. Armstrong’s commitment to quality ensures that you get a fabulous product every time. They have the customer service focus that the early hand-scrapers must have had, the same drive to make the best product possible. But Armstrong doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg for that product.

Armstrong Wood Flooring: Selection And Quality

Armstrong has adapted the hand-scraping process to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind floors that won’t break the bank. Armstrong wood flooring is hand-sculpted from start to finish. It is designed to look beautiful and function flawlessly. But Armstrong also offers modern conveniences: a unique interlocking floor system that eliminates the need for staples, tape, or glue of any kind, making it perfect for the do-it-yourselfer. With Armstrong’s constantly expanding selection of woods from across the world, you are sure to find a wood you love.