2013 Interior Color Forecast

With uncertain times looming in the future, our immediate reaction is to be distracted. We want to be lured away by anything that takes our imaginations on a ride as we seek to avoid the realities of life. For this reason, the Color Association’s Interiors/Environmental forecast for 2013-14 has a primary theme: “Seduction”. Each category was named with this topic in mind and can be related back to it in some way.

With this comes a less structured approach to color. Unusual pairings are encouraged, along with mix and matching of textiles and wall coverings. That being said, the taste for minimalist design prevails. This does not mean that design has to have an industrial feel, but instead we cultivate an orderly style that has a much prettier sensibility than in previous seasons.

Today’s consumer understands more than ever before the relationship between color and light—and how it changes depending on the environment it is used in, thus becoming increasingly aware of color nuances and textures.

Each of the trends consists of a variety of colors that is anchored by at least one neutral. This way, it is easy to bring bright hues into interior spaces and have them offset by a foundation color that complements the specific color story.


The degradation process fascinates us in the Grounded story, as we look at the toll the elements have had on objects in our everyday life. We are drawn to the idea of living simply off the land and getting our hands dirty, as such religious settlements as the Shakers and Amish have done for centuries. Dirt and soil from across the country were of key influence in selecting the colors.

Colors include:
Sheared: darkened ivory
Loom State: heathered gray
Shaker: rich warm brown
Unshorn: dark value gray
Amish: warm black


This palette takes its inspiration from the outer galaxies and colors of the cosmos.  Visions of gaseous purple rings against the darkened universe fill our imaginations, making up a palette of otherworldly hues. Key finishes include polished mineral and rock surfaces such as slate, with a preference for natural color variation.

Colors include:
Polaris: grayed lilac
Lunar: tonal gray
Vapor: soft khaki green with a hint of gray
Aura: warm mid tone purple
Light Years: gray cast beige with a touch of silver metallic



There is an instant feeling of calm in  the “not quite” blues and grays of Swept Away. A wash of tranquility seems to emanate from the range of cool tints and tones. We are drawn to this feeling in times of uncertainty and begin to incorporate these colors in our homes to create a sense of well-being. As people begin to bring the spa into their bathrooms, this palette becomes an appealing way to recreate the experience. Finishes are weathered and worn, bringing about a familiar and lived-in quality to the colors.

Colors include:
Spray: grayed pale blue
Salt Washed: grayed dark blue
Break: gray with a hint of pale blue
Rip Tide: worn dark navy
Tidal: mid tone blue with a gray cast



This trend is about luring the catch—whatever (or whoever) that may be. Drawing someone or something into your space demands the perfect balance of color, texture and comfort. Colors are sensual and commanding. The warm-based palette is composed of a mix of not-quite-ripe tomato oranges and bloody terra-cotta.

Colors include:
Flirt: vibrant orange
Charisma: darkened orange
Naked: nude with a touch of silver metallic
Bite: blood red
Fling: deep red



Like a big bear hug, the colors of Embrace create a warm and inviting aesthetic. This story centers around a feel-good factor and draws color inspiration from things that make us smile; anything from the taste of a delicious fruit to memories of traveling to a hot, sunny destination. Colors, as well as finishes, are reminiscent of American folk art from the 1940’s, with a focus on handcrafted design and carved wood.  The palette is very alluring and appeals for its bright, useable combinations.

Cozy: darkened burnt orange
Radiant: vibrant warm yellow
Hugs: mid tone pink with a hint of orange
Warmth: warmed up beige
Glow: deep orange



The birthplace of seduction, Eden explores the tonal qualities of green. The garden-inspired hues range from chartreuse to the mottled, deeper to subdued, to less saturated. Combining the colors from within the story creates a fresh and alive composition.

Colors include:
Sweet Pea – acidic yellow green
Galvinized – complex cool tone neutral
Garden Hose – mid-tone green with a slight blue cast
Hosta- grayed khaki green
Fresh Cut – mid tone yellow tinged green

The story of Commitment comes from our desire to feel safe and secure about the future.  We aspire to make wise choices and seek to fulfill the goals we set. We also relish the long-standing relationships that we have made, celebrating occasions such as anniversaries and other significant dates.  Texture plays a vital role in mixing up these neutral tones—from soft velvet to coarse textiles.

Colors Include:
Anniversary: softened mid-tone gray
I Am Love: dusty pink
Engagement: complex mid-tone gray
Promise: green tinged warm yellow
Security: warm mid tone taupe


Courtesy of The Color Association of the United States