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Weekly Round-up:  Mini Makeover Ideas for Your Home

Whether you’re looking for quick update you can do in an hour or you’re ready for a weekend busting home improvement project, read on for ideas to get you going.

Here are 25 projects that won’t break the bank (how does under $150 sound?).  Ideas include updating your fireplace with a fresh coat of paint, DIY instructions on transforming a bookcase into a hallway organizer, and adding an under sink filter for great tasting water.


Better Home and Gardens brings us a list of ‘22 mini but mighty makeovers’. One of their tips is to refresh your stair treads, either with new carpeting or a fresh coat of paint.


Updating lighting can make all the difference in a room.  For a budget update, replace the shades on existing lamps or research DIY lights you can create at home.  If there’s room in the budget, hire a contractor to replace overhead lights and chandeliers with more modern versions.


Most of the projects in this article aren’t necessarily budget and/or time friendly, but they are so cool that you’ll want to start saving so you can try one in your home!

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