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Weekly Round-up: Bedroom Flooring Options

There are so many options when choosing bedroom flooring. Whether you prefer the clean look of wood or want warm carpet beneath your feet, options abound.

The flooring you choose for your bedroom will set the tone for the entire room. This article gives you bedroom style ideas and suggests a flooring type to enhance the theme.



Even if you might prefer hard flooring surfaces in other areas of your home, there is just something so comfortable about carpeting underfoot in the bedroom. It’s quiet, soft and welcoming.  Here are tips to make the best carpet selection for your home.



Many people prefer options other than carpet in their bedroom. With that in mind, HGTV shows us the beauty in other flooring types, from hardwoods to polished concrete to travertine tile.



Budgets are always a factor when it comes to flooring. This article gives ranges for various flooring types, and pros and cons that can help you decide what would work best in your bedroom.


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