Tile Tips from the Experts!

To give your home a more natural look and feel, you can choose ceramic or stone floors, rough textured tiles or even tiles that look like wood planks. Tile floors require less maintenance and give warmth as well as beauty to any room of your home. People use tiles for walls, floors and counter tops to achieve that earthy and elegant look.

There are a whole range of colors, designs, and types of tile to choose from; ceramic, marble, glass, granite, porcelain, and stone. For areas where moisture will be present, like bathroom or a shower, a non porous type is usually best; however you can seal a porous stone and be able to use it in a room where moisture issues could be a problem.
When tiles are used on a floor or flat surface, stains are inevitable. Any natural material can be damaged and stained, usually easier than man-made materials like ceramic tile. Stone, because it’s porous, has the potential to be stained even more. When tile is used on a counter top or floor, it really needs to be sealed to prevent moisture and dirt from soaking into the natural stone. Cleaning these tiles is easy when the tiles have been finished properly.  Coles provides a variety of cleaning and sealing products for your stone and tile floors. Whether you tile your bathroom, your living room, or your whole home, it will provide you with years of comfort and natural elegance.