The Stainmaster Tile and Grout System Exclusively at Coles!

The Stainmaster brand has been defined by quality carpet products for over twenty years. Known for durability, stain resistance and easy cleaning and maintenance of carpet, Stainmaster is now ready to apply those attributes to ceramic tile products with the Stainmaster Tile and Grout System.

Stainmaster Tile is now being sold exclusively at Coles Fine Flooring! You cannot find it anywhere else. This innovative system is stain resistant and can also be easily cleaned and maintained in an eco-friendly fashion. Made up of Stainmaster tiles and two types of Enhanced Grout Mix, the two mixes are added in place of water to corresponding Portland Cement grout.

Proprietary barrier technology built into the materials provides both the tile and the grout an easy to clean, mold, mildew and stain resistant surface with no sealer required.

Keeping your Stainmaster tile surfaces clean and sparkling couldn’t be easier. Regular cleaning with soap and clean water will keep your surfaces looking like new long after installation. No sealers and no harsh chemicals needed!

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