Choose Stainmaster® Carpet Cushion and we’ll donate to the ASPCA

Now, when you purchase Stainmaster® Carpet Cushion with Odor Guard, you will be helping America’s animals! Through September 2013, Carpenter Co. will make a donation to the ASPCA for every yard sold.

Stainmaster® Carpet Cushion is designed to keep carpet looking new longer, make carpet cleaning and maintenance more effective, and help to eliminate odor concerns. The addition of special Odor Guard technology addresses odor caused by pet accidents as well as most food and beverage spills.

Carpenter Co. will donate 2 cents to the ASPCA per square yard of product sold, from 10/01/12 to 9/30/13. Minimum guaranteed donation is $75,000. Help save our countries animals in need and choose Stainmaster® Carpet Cushion with Odor Guard as your carpet padding choice.