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Reasons Why Engineered Wood Flooring Continues to Gain Popularity against Solid Hardwood Flooring

Improved Practicalities and Aesthetics

Thanks to continued product enhancements, improved installation methods and expanded aesthetic choices, engineered flooring is becoming more popular, adaptable, stable and economical. The increased affordability of wider longer natural rustic looks is driving people to purchase engineered flooring over traditional solid hardwood more and more.

Originally developed as an alternative to solid hardwood for below-grade and over-concrete installations, engineered flooring today has gained popularity for its versatility in just about any situation. As the product features and attributes expand so do customers desire to choose engineered flooring over solid hardwood flooring.

Engineered flooring has a much higher durability when compared to solid hardwood. It’s multi-ply cross-grain construction offers greater strength and adaptability versus solids which normally can’t be installed over concrete and aren’t as structurally reliable. Enhanced installation methods like click-lock plank edges add to stability and offer other advantages over traditional solid installations.

Stability is also an important factor in choosing engineered flooring. Because of a more stable and reliable substrate, engineered flooring allows for wider longer plank choices. Along with the old-world look of wider longer planking surface appearance treatments have dramatically expanded. Engineered’s texture features – like wire brushed, chattered, hand sculpted, distressed, time-worn, weathered and recovered – are becoming very popular.

The green scene can also appreciate engineered’s resourceful production methods. Engineered construction saves an average of 70% of wood use since one solid board is cut into multiple top layer pieces and the under-plies are combined from smaller pieces of less expensive species.

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