Tiffany Carpet Padding by Stainmaster

Tiffany PadCarpet padding is often an afterthought in the carpet buying process, but it can greatly prolong the lifespan and performance of your carpeting. Our exclusive Tiffany padding is Stainmaster’s top-of-the-line carpet pad option, and can handle traffic, kids, pets, spills & stains.

At 7/16” thick, it offers great comfort, support, & softness underfoot. Comfort aside, this carpet pad can also benefit your home in more practical ways:

  • Odor Guard– The ultimate defense against spills & accidents, this technology protects against stain-related odors through the use of special enzymes, which continuously fight against odor development.
  • Moisture barrier– The exclusive moisture-resistant feature of Tiffany carpet padding helps it hinder the permeation of spills through the pad and onto the subfloor.
  • Sound & energy insulation– Better insulates your floor to resist temperature transfer & energy loss; Reduces impact sound, so footsteps are less noisy.

Tiffany carpet cushion is also a smart move for your product guarantee; Purchasing and installing our Stainmaster Tiffany pad with any Stainmaster carpet will automatically extend the warranty on your carpet- see store for more information.