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New Trends in Vinyl Flooring

Forget the dated patterns and awful colors of the past, and check out the newest trends in Vinyl Flooring. With vinyl flooring, we have finally hit the trifecta. An economical and durable alternative to wood or tile that is also easy to install!

Vinyl costs a fraction of what you could pay for wood, tile, or stone and it is so much easier to install. It is simply glued to the existing underlayment, resulting in much less work for the installers, and a much lower installation price for you. It is also a very doable DIY project, which costs even less!

But don’t just let the affordability sway your judgment; your new vinyl floor can be counted on for years to come. Unlike many (more expensive) floors, vinyl is extremely durable. Virtually spill-proof, easy to clean and maintain and tough enough to take the abuse of kids, pets, and heavy foot traffic, vinyl flooring is the solution to your all your flooring woes. It is designed to look just like hardwood and tile, granite and marble… nobody will ever realize it’s not the real thing!

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