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Buying Guide

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Helpful information for the STAINMASTER® Carpet buyer

Carpet can offer more versatility & comfort than other flooring options. It is also more “budget-friendly” than most other choices, and there are styles to coordinate with every décor. Before you shop, consider your priority in terms of your carpeting purchase, and be prepared to give your designer a detailed idea of your expectations for your carpet & the room it will be in.


Choose the Best Carpet for Your Home

Look for the following:

FIBER – STAINMASTER® nylon carpet uses a fiber with a tighter molecular structure called nylon 6,6 which, compared to nylon 6, makes it more difficult for stains to penetrate the carpet. You can be confident that STAINMASTER® nylon carpet will perform in your home since it is also trusted in high performance products such as automotive airbags and military parachutes.


ANTI-STATIC PROTECTION – STAINMASTER® nylon 6,6 carpet contains permanent anti-static protection that won’t wear off. The fibers have a carbon filament running directly through the center, that acts as a “lightning rod” to dissipate static electricity.


STAIN & SOIL PROTECTION – STAINMASTER® carpet fiber and STAINMASTER® stain and soil technologies are engineered to work best together as one system. They help you save money in the long run because STAINMASTER® stain and soil protection never needs to be reapplied.


TESTED – STAINMASTER® carpet was introduced in 1986 and after more than 30 years, is still the most trusted carpet brand in the United States. Every STAINMASTER® carpet style has been tested and certified by INVISTA, or it wouldn’t be branded STAINMASTER®.


Benefits of STAINMASTER® carpet

 Carpet that feels good, looks good and fits your lifestyle

  • STAINMASTER® carpets are available in every type of construction and in thousands of colors and styles
  • STAINMASTER® carpets are engineered to meet a broad range of consumer needs, with options that meet the challenges of active families, playful pets, and can help fight dust and allergens

 Carpet that stands up to the activity in your home

  • STAINMASTER® nylon carpets use a superhero fiber called nylon 6,6 making them stronger, more stain resistant and durable
  • All STAINMASTER® carpet styles are tested and certified to meet our strict standards and requirements for durability

Carpet that is easy to clean

  • STAINMASTER® carpet stain protection is resilient and never needs to be reapplied – even after professional cleanings
  • STAINMASTER® carpets provide exceptional cleanability and protection against staining and soiling

Carpet that you love enough to recommend to others

  • INVISTA aspires to help people protect what matters most. This drives us to offer carpets that look & feel great, stand up to everyday life and clean up easily, so that you can spend more time enjoying your home and the life that happens there

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