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The San Diego Community has trusted Coles for 70 years, and with over 50 years’ experience within our Kitchen & Bath Design Center design team, you can feel good about putting your kitchen or bath remodel in our capable hands.

Located in our Morena Blvd. showroom.


Start with a free in-home design service, where we will measure your space, discuss your options and come up with a concept. Then, our talented and experienced staff will design a custom kitchen or bath that fits your needs exactly. Whether you’re going for more of a traditional style or you prefer something more modern, we have you covered.

We handle every aspect of the process in house, from concept to completion. Instead of hiring a carpenter here and a plumber there, someone to do your cabinets and someone to do your tile, Coles will take care of it all with a one stop shop. One person to answer all your questions and concerns, one person to schedule and one bill to pay.

What makes us unique is that we carry all the products you’ll need to help you stay within your budget and complete your entire remodel. Coles will deliver your dream kitchen or bathroom to match your lifestyle. Are you looking to update your kitchen to increase the value of your home or looking to make things more functional for your family? Whether you are doing either of these or “aging in place”, at Coles we  have the products for you.

Located in our Morena Blvd. showroom.

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