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Business Flooring

Do you need to re-do the floors in your business, medical office, restaurant or office?

Coles can take care of all the moving, put everything back, and even do the installation at night or on weekends to minimize disruption to the business.

San Diego Business Flooring

Coles offers a variety of business flooring styles and types for your business needs – whether you’d like wood, stone, tile, laminate, vinyl or carpet, we’ve got a selection of many options to choose from. As a high-end retailer, we know the importance of quality of both product and service – that’s why Coles installers are willing to work around your business’ schedule, such as weekends or evenings, so as not to disrupt your hours of operation.

Coles can also do carpet banding for your space-carpet banding is a low carpet border, in place of baseboards, installed around the perimeter of the walls. This border can be useful cushion to protect the lower area of your walls where vacuums and shoes may damage them. We’ll measure and cut the banding to your specifications, and install it for you along with your flooring.

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