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Occupied Office Installation

If you’ve decided to replace the flooring in your business, one thing you may have questions about is how our installation process works. If you choose commercial carpet tiles, then installing your new office flooring will be easy and swift- here at Coles, we have worked out the most efficient process for installing in occupied offices.

Getting new flooring in your office is easy, safe and undamaging.

Here’s how it works:

We carefully cut and remove your old flooring, and prepare the area for your new flooring. Next, all modular furniture is professionally lifted and suspended, and the carpet tiles are laid beneath the raised furniture, without disconnecting phone or computer lines. We then lower the furniture back into place, vacuum the new flooring, and dust remaining work surfaces.

  • Nighttime installation, after operating hours, so as not to disrupt your business.
  • No moving, packing, or dismantling
  • No disconnecting/reconnecting
  • No downtime or waiting
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