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Purchasing Process

Whether you’re visiting one of our locations, or having us come to you, customer comfort and satisfaction is our priority.

When it comes to your flooring experience, Coles has all the bases covered. From browsing to buying, measuring to installing, even coordinating the rest of your home- Coles does it all.

The Coles Shopping Experience

Maybe it’s your first time in Coles or maybe you’ve been a Coles customer for years – here’s what to expect when you walk in the door.

The Greeting
The first people you will encounter upon entering our showroom will be one or two of our lovely receptionists. Just let them know what you’re looking for, and they will direct you to the appropriate section and call a designer to help you further. Been in before? If you let the receptionist know whom you were working with, they can call that designer to assist you.

The Meeting
A designer should approach you shortly, and offer any assistance you need, from taking down samples, to answering questions, or even just letting you browse.

Our stores carry almost any type of flooring you could want in your home. When we say we “do it all”, we mean it; in addition to our spectacular selection of commercial, residential, and outdoor-appropriate carpeting, we offer laminate, wood, natural stone, glazed tile, vinyl, area rugs and runners. We feature a variety reaching far beyond standard centers.

Unlike some flooring centers, which may be set up more like warehouses than showrooms, Coles has easy-to navigate displays and is divided into sections based upon what you’re interested in — no more wandering through samples and sections you don’t want.

The Consultation
Your designer can order your flooring (if it’s not in-stock), and set up an appointment to get your home measured. At this point, you may have an idea of the approximate square-footage you need, and your designer can give you a ballpark estimate

The Measure Day
One of our professional measure-men will come to your home and measure the areas you are flooring. They will then bring their measurements back to your designer and he/she can then calculate the exact cost of your floor and installation. After this, your designer will work with you to arrange a convenient time for installation.

The Installation
After measuring is completed, your designer will send an installer to your home to finish the job. All our installers work exclusively for Coles, another way we guarantee excellent service and avoid the use of middlemen. They can also move heavy furniture for you, if you need assistance.

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