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Why Choose Carpet?

Carpet offers much more than other flooring choices. Wood, vinyl, and tile can’t touch the versatility, comfort and style that carpet delivers. It’s simply a great foundation for your feet and your room decor.

Benefits of Carpeting 

Beauty – Not Skin Deep, Ankle Deep
Carpet is the foundation of your decorating. It can enhance a room with causal simplicity, or create a showcase for formal elegance. The style and color selection is so vast; you can find carpet to complement any décor.

Attitude Adjustment – Healing Colors
With carpet you can capitalize on the psychological affects certain colors have on mood. Think about bright, cheerful colors for children; soothing tones for older members of the family. It can also help when designing home offices and family rooms.

Comfort – Feels So Good
Carpet makes the floor a place to sit, to play and to relax. Nothing feels nicer on bare feet than to shuffle through a lush, thick carpet.

Maintenance – Low, Not High
Regular, but simple vacuuming, quick attention to spills and professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months is all it takes to keep up appearances.

Temperature – Seasonal Comfort
In the cold weather, carpet retains warm air and in the heat, it stays cooler.

Soft Security
It’s a great non-slick walking surface that prevents slips and falls. It ensures that seniors and toddlers find sure footing.

Noise Reduction – Quiet, Please
Carpet absorbs sound within a room and acts as a sound barrier between floors.



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