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SmartStrand Carpet San Diego

Have kids or pets? SmartStrand is the perfect choice- with its lifetime limited stain and soil warranty the only warranty in the industry that includes coverage for damage from your pet’s accidents! Even the most active family is no match from carpets made from SmartStrand, with the highest consumer satisfaction rating of any fiber in the marketplace. Karastan styling combined with the performance of SmartStrand carpet, will provide you with years of performance, comfort, and classic beauty.

Why Choose SmartStrand?

Coles is proud to offer SmartStrand with Dupont Sorona to San Diego as a top choice because it is overall better engineered than most carpet. SmartStrand carpet has a unique molecular structure (magic kink) that provides extraordinary performance benefits — in most cases – outperforms nylon and  other fibers. Leading nylon fibers contain topically applied protection that can rub or wear off, SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona provides built-in stain protection that lasts a lifetime.

This amazing innovation of SmartStrand carpet with DuPont Sorona allows Karastan to design styles for today, while saving for tomorrow.  Carpets made of SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona help conserve and protect the earth’s limited resources – another reason to celebrate

A great feature about SmartStrand carpet, particularly if you’re looking at carpeting a high-traffic area, is the stain resistance the company has “woven right into the DNA of the carpet.” That translates to most spills being cleaned up with simple water and more difficult messes requiring only mild dish washing soap. Learn more about how SmartStrand is made and about the structure of SmartStrand.



Watch as 45,000 lbs of elephant live on SmartStrand for three weeks and test the endurance of this revolutionary carpet fiber.


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