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Luxurious Karastan Area Rugs

In 1928 Marshall Field built a loom capable of recreating the details of a hand woven rug. Since the very beginning Karastan has been known for their elegant machine-made rugs that rival their handmade counterparts. At the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago, Karastan invited people to walk on one of their Kirman Panel rugs and, after more than 5 million people tracked their footprints across it, they cleaned it up. One side was left unrecognizably filthy while the other was returned to its original beauty and luster. To prove the demonstration was no fluke, they did it again! At the New York World’s Trade Fair in 1939-1940 more than 9 million people walked on their rugs earning Karastan the title of “The Wonder Rungs of America.”

Karastan’s In House Dyeing process uses only Premium dyes guaranteeing superior color clarity, fade resistance and exact color matching. Using coordinating color pallets across the board in each collection makes it easy to match multiple rugs with different styles and patterns. Each rug goes through more than fifty Quality Control checks, ensuring that every rug is as perfect as can be. Not only is Karastan a green company, but every rug is also made in the USA, shipping from Eden, North Carolina. Karastan makes the best machine-made rugs in the world with over 70 years experience.

Coles Fine Flooring | Karastan area rugs Coles Fine Flooring | Karastan area rugs