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Sisal Rugs- A Unique, Natural Style

sisal rugDurable and distinct, the beauty of a sisal area rug can create a real statement in your décor, and naturally beautify your home. These area rugs are especially popular in Southern California- admired for their natural appearance, which echoes the laid-back style of coastal living.

The well-crafted construction of sisal area rugs makes them extremely stain-resistant, and their fiber content makes them more resistant to flame, as well. The quality of their construction also helps to absorb sounds, making them a great option for placement above wood floors. All these traits considered, it’s easy to see the appeal of sisal rugs as a great investment piece in your home.

Sisal rugs date back many centuries, and are common in places such as Egypt, Florence, Mozambique, and South & Central America. The hard vegetable fibers characteristic of sisal make it a strong material for weaving ropes and mats- stronger than other plant materials like jute, hemp, and flax fibers. This sturdiness and longevity has helped sisal area rugs remain successful and popular throughout the ages.

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