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Fire-Safe Wool Carpet Lasts Longer

Whether you are sitting in your living room enjoying your fireplace or burning candles in your home, it is a good time to remember the unparalleled fire-safe qualities of wool. Wool is the most fire-safe textile material used in interior design.

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Wool has been admired for centuries for the same basic characteristics—and those have not changed. Synthetic carpets such as olefin, nylon, polyester, etc. need frequent cleaning. Soil from industrial emissions and petroleum sources, particularly those in the air, are attracted to the petrochemical based synthetic fiber carpets. This is frequently where that dullness or “graying” in high-traffic areas comes from and why frequent cleaning is so essential. Synthetic carpets that require stain “protectors” seem the most often to quickly get dirty. Stain-resistant finishes like these are not recommended—or needed!—on wool carpet. The appearance retention qualities of wool are one of the reasons wool has been the chosen material to makers of fine oriental rugs for centuries. Wool lasts longer than chemical, recycled or other synthetic fibers.


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Why Wool Carpet is the Best Choice for Fire Safety and Durability

Wool carpets have exceptionally low levels of flammability and represent the best choice for creating safe, healthy indoor environments. Wool is naturally flame-resistant and its performance exceeds that of all other commonly used textile fibers. Its higher ignition temperature makes wool much more difficult to ignite. It also has a low heat of combustion and a low rate of heat release. If it comes into contact with another burning surface, it won’t melt or stick and is self-extinguishing once the initial ignition source is removed. It forms an insulating char when it burns and emits less smoke and toxic gasses than formed during combustion of synthetic fibers.

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Wool is also a non-allergenic fiber that does not promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites. It is an excellent insulator of temperature and sound, it is recyclable, biodegradable, and has a superior long-term appearance due to the fiber’s natural resilience. Pure wool fibers made of 100% wool with no moth-proofing, stain protection, or fire retardants and since wool is naturally the color of sheep, there are no harsh dyes or pigments added.


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Wool rugs are backed with natural jute fiber backing and the carpet is made using only hemp, cotton, and natural rubber. All natural rubber gripper pads for use beneath these area rugs are also available on the market. The pads provide extra comfort and help keep your rug in place. These beautiful rugs and pads do not release harmful gases into your home and will actually absorb odors from your home and improve your indoor air quality.


Berber carpets are also a great wool carpet choice!

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So if holiday or warming fires, candles, or any open flames are a common occurrence around your home, consider wool carpet for all of its wonderful benefits — including fire-safety! Visit Coles Fine Flooring to give your family peace of mind around the fire today!


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