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New 2014 Design Trends in Carpet

Unlike twenty years ago when your carpet choices were limited to fifty shades of beige, the carpet today is so much bolder. Color and texture are such crucial factors in every other aspect of interior design, why not carpet too?

There has recently been a major swing towards layered color and soft texture in the carpet world. Neutrals are always a safe bet, but sometimes all you need is a little pop of color to really bring a room to life! Small areas such as hallways and entry ways are perfect for playing with color without overwhelming your senses. If the brighter pops of color are still a little intimidating, try a soft green, pale yellow or shade of blue; the “New Neutrals” in 2014.

Texture is also a great way to bring a rare dimension to your room. It has always been popular because it minimizes dirt and vacuum marks. But it also creates a unique aesthetic. With new manufacturing capabilities there are so many new styles and looks made from cut and loop yarns and in high- and low-loop yarns.

The less than traditional color pallets and organic and modern patterns available now are shifting the public perspective so that carpet is no longer just a background for other pieces, but a focal point itself.

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