Coles Fine Flooring | Lauren

Who is Lauren Coles?

Lauren Coles is the daughter of Coles Fine Flooring president, Steve Coles, and the newest member of the family to lead this company into the twenty-first century. The company recently celebrated 70 Years in business, and Lauren marks the third generation of the Coles family serving San Diego County. She hopes to bring a fresh perspective and help the company transition into a new era with the new Kitchen and Bath Design Center.

Similar to her father, who worked his way up through the ranks, Lauren began her career at Coles working in the sample department, followed by the reception desk, before taking on additional roles. Since graduating from the University of San Diego with a degree in Economics, she has taken a Sales position at the Morena Boulevard location, where she continues to learn, grow and gradually make her own mark on the family business.

Lauren has been featured in Coles commercials for several years now – first with her Uncle George, former President of Coles Fine flooring, and after his retirement in 2013, on her own. She has become the face and spokesperson for the company, appearing in all Coles’ advertising as well as lending her talents elsewhere.

Along with promoting the family business and current specials, Lauren is also an active supporter of our community. She is a spokesperson for the San Diego Humane Society and the Better Business Bureau and has shown her support for various other local organizations like the Princess Project.