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Parquet Wood Flooring

Parquet has a long history, dating back to the magnificent French palaces of the 17th century. But the beautiful geometric patterns, usually quite intricate, have found a place in the finest wide plank flooring and accents of today. Parquet wood flooring is excellent for adding a focal point to a room, or for creating a “room within a room” – a small space outlined with a beautiful, contrasting wood pattern in the floor which divides the space without enclosing it. Parquet provides a particularly lovely contrast when paired with warm and stately reclaimed wood floors.

So, what is parquet? Simply put, parquet is the art of wooden inlays. Parquet is typically very intricate and very elegant, requiring many hours to plan and carve. In the early days, each different parquet piece was hand-carved and assembled to ensure that it would match perfectly. Because the parquet is made entirely from wood there can be no irregularities in fit as there could be in stone floors: if two pieces of parquet are not perfectly sized they will have to be re-made.

Wide Plank Flooring And Parquet

In modern use, entire floors are rarely done in parquet. It is far more common to find parquet flooring used as an accent piece, such as a medallion set in the middle of a room and surrounded by wide plank flooring. The elegant, rich tones of the flooring provide a canvas for the parquet, allowing it to stand out and make a beautiful impression. Parquet often coordinates with any wooden furniture in the room, either contrasting with it or highlighting it to really make it pop.

Reclaimed Wood Floors: The Final Touch

Although parquet wood flooring looks beautiful with any type of wooden floor, many homeowners like to pair it with beautiful and ecologically sensitive reclaimed wood floors. These floors recycle wood from old homes and reuse it, saving trees to protect the environment while providing a lovely classic feel for your home. Parquet inlays fit right in with the rich colors of reclaimed wood and are an excellent finishing touch to any room.


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