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The Benefits of Hardwood Staircases

No matter what your decorating style or color scheme, hardwood floors are versatile enough to compliment them all. They add a natural, organic, feel to any space that offers a touch of comfort and warmth to your home. In recent years, hardwood staircases have been rising in popularity because of their many benefits including durability, versatility and cost-effectiveness.

Wood is a naturally durable, long-lasting material that has the added benefit of being warm, inviting and beautiful. While carpet will eventually wear out in high traffic areas such as staircases and hallways, hardwood can last a lifetime with the proper care and maintenance. Vacuuming the stairs is a chore, let’s be honest. But with hardwood, frequent sweeping and occasional mopping will keep your stairs shining for years to come – with minimal effort! Not only are they much easier to clean, but unlike carpet, dust particles and other allergens can’t get trapped in wood floors, which is helpful for people with allergies or asthma. Healthier living is just one step away!

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One of the biggest advantages that come with hardwood staircases is the added value to your home. With professional installation and proper care and maintenance, wooden staircases can look great for years to come. Not only are they built to last, but they can also be varnished or coated for extra durability. With that being said, hardwood doors are also much more reasonably priced than many people assume and since they last so long, you really end up saving money and adding value to your home.With all the benefits of hardwood flooring, it only makes sense to install it on your stairs as well. In so many homes, the stairs are the first thing your guests see when entering your home. Make them a statement!


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