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2012 Interior Color Trends





Earth and Sky Tones

Nature’s hues unite for a stylish palette with organic roots. Refreshing white and blue balance the palette, offering a calm, relaxing escape from the busy world. Environmental essences combine to tell a fresh tale of nature — from spring’s yellow—greens to the blued grays of woodland shadows. This palette is both soothing and invigorating, these colors work harmoniously together and are a natural choice for any room.





Spiced Tones

Rich espresso blends with smooth stone and soft graphite tone, and cool amethyst lends added depth to this palette of well seasoned hues that offer a clean and refined look.





Eclectic Tones

This diverse palette offers a clean, tailored look that works well with any décor. A blend of carefree with chic and cool with warm, the effect is fresh and exciting. Organic in nature, this soothing, rich palette spans a range that includes brown tones to rose hues, incorporating blushes of color that counterbalance deeper shades. The result is enchanting, especially when used in multiples in one room.





Sensible Tones

This palette possesses a nuance and life, due to the variety of brown, blue and green undertones it contains. Timeless colors that make an established home feel contemporary and a new one more worldly. Bold colors that create a sense of warmth and comfort.

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