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Interior Colors: Calming Blue

As the temperature rises and we approach summer, there are plenty of things on our minds, right? Blue skies, relaxing days spent by the pool or at the beach. Cooling off when the sun is shining just a little too bright, maybe? And what’s the one thing that all these summery activities have in common? Those calming light blue tones, of course! From the beach to the pool to the Gatorade at the kids soccer games, cool, calming blue tones are a staple of summer, especially here in sunny San Diego!

There are so many reasons to bring those cool blue hues into your home. Other than the fact that it’s beautiful, of course, that light sky blue is the perfect shade for the home because of its versatility. What more could we want out of a color?

Set the stage for a great night’s sleep by using this calming hue in the bedrooms. With just the right amount of color while still remaining tranquil, these shades work as accent walls or whole-room colors!

blue1 blue2


Create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom with serene hues. Kick back in a bubble bath after a long day and soak up the tranquility in a powder blue home spa. At least you can pretend, as long as you tune out the kids knocking on the door every five minutes, right?

blue3 blue4


While white and light neutrals are still popular color schemes for kitchens, a splash of color helps break up the monotony of the space and set your apart from the rest. This sky blue refrigerator acts as the perfect accent piece in this soft neutral kitchen, while the pale aqua walls in the second space bring just the right amount of brightness and whimsy to the sleek modern interior.

blue5 blue6


Blue and Orange sit opposite each other on the color wheel, which means they offer the most contrast to each other. The best way to show off your hardwood floors is to pair them with a contrasting wall color. The soft blues below bring out the orange tones in the wood grain, helping them to really pop!


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