Top 3 Reasons to Choose Laminate Flooring

#1– Durability. A quality laminate product is one of best flooring options in terms of durability. Extremely durable and far less apt to scratch than wood, its topcoat is unsurpassed for wear and stain resistance.
#2– Installation. Easy installation is one of laminate flooring’s prime attributes. It’s an “interlocking floating” floor, which means the floor tiles or planks attach to each other rather than to the sub-floor. They attach via a tongue-and-groove, glue-free system that makes it possible to install a laminate floor over virtually any existing floor. Very Do-It-Yourself friendly.
#3– Value. Obviously, laminate is the more economic choice when it comes to deciding between laminate and real hardwood flooring. Wood increases the value of your home but is harder to maintain in the long run; Laminate will last a very long time and will maintain your home’s value for a longer period of time. Laminate is a great choice for someone renting out their property or who has kids and pets.