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Does Your Flooring Need an Update?

It may not be the immediate thing that strikes us when walking into a room: The flooring. We’re often preoccupied with what’s at eye level such as the decor, the fridge contents or view out the window. Like not noticing someone’s footwear, what we stand on might be equally unremarkable.

But have a peek at ground level. How would your score your floor? The passage of time, continual treading, vacuum cleaning and what we bring in from outside can take their toll on flooring which can include: tiling, vinyl, rugs, woodwork and carpets.


Restoring old flooring 

Rugs and mats can do a good job of hiding stains and bald patches on flooring, and can be picked up relatively cheaply. They can also be a cost-effective option compared with buying brand new flooring. Areas in the home which undergo high ‘human traffic’ such as halls, lobbies and landings are more susceptible to wear and tear. Rugs and mats can provide a useful stopgap until a more permanent type of flooring is found.


Waste not, want not

Second-hand is not always second-rate. Home owners can browse the web and newspapers to look out for nearly new or used carpets and other types of flooring. There may be occasions where large homes want rid of carpets and other flooring. That’s why smaller homes with smaller rooms could benefit from cut-out sizes. Rather than being dumped, carpets can be given a new lease of life and be re-laid. Think of a new resident moving into a new home with carpets they do not like. The result? A brand new carpet could be up for sale.


Wood or vinyl?

Each has its own merits. Wood inevitably gives a more traditional-look finish – but may needing sanding and treating with varnish or another protector every few years. The advantage of vinyl is that it can often be wiped and mopped clean more easily than an uneven wood floor, and there is the benefit of not having to protect it all the time. Where wood is concerned, there is also a slight risk of planks sinking over time, resulting in food, high heels and other footwear to become lodged in the cracks.


Types of carpet

Remember the last time you walked on warm, soft sand? A nice, thick carpet can evoke that same feeling of comfort underfoot, regardless of whether you’re bare-footed, wear sandals or shoes. The great aspect of having a carpet installed is they can help insulate your home and keep the warmth in. In the UK, the main types of carpet are ‘Woven’ and ‘Tufted’. Woven carpets retain their appearance and can last longer but are pricier than tufted carpets. Tufted carpets are quicker and cheaper to make, yet have a more limited range of patterns and colors.

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