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Miele Vacuums – Certified Wool-Safe Product


Coles is now a proud retailer of high quality Miele vacuums. The Miele brand is recognized worldwide as being committed to the highest level of performance and environmental standards. Miele was founded in 1899 with the promise of being ‘Forever Better’.  Over a century later, Miele has kept its promise and grown to be the world’s largest and most innovative family-owned and operated appliance companies with over 16,000 employees spread across nearly 100 countries.  Few brands in the world are able to sustain their visions and traditions over the years; Miele has stood the test of time. Wools of New Zealand – another brand representing these high standards of excellence – teamed with Miele to create wool-safe vacuums that retailers could provide to consumers with confidence.

One of the most important maintenance steps for wool carpeting is regular vacuuming.  To ensure the beauty and longevity of wool carpets, consumers should vacuum at least once a week with wool safe tools that effectively clean without damaging fibers.  Coles Fine Flooring carries the S5-Pisces model which Wools of New Zealand endorses specifically as being safe to use on wool carpeting.

Coles currently carries six Miele vacuum models, each with its own distinct advantages.  Every Miele vacuum cleaner proudly carries the Good Housekeeping Seal so that clients know they are investing in a top-quality product. For more information about our Miele vacuum cleaners, contact our San Diego showroom at (619) 276-5140 or our San Marcos showroom at (760)741-1001, and speak with a designer.

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