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High Performance Nylon Carpet

Nylon is one of the most popular carpet materials on the market. It is an extremely durable, easy to clean fiber making it a great choice for heavy-traffic spaces.

There are several different fibers to choose from when shopping for new carpet, and each fiber has its own benefits. When choosing carpet for your home, one of the most important factors to consider is the quality of the carpet fiber.

The constant abuse carpet undergoes from foot traffic and other general life-living leads to crushing and fraying of the carpet fibers which makes your floors look old. A carpet strong enough to withstand that beating will look better and last longer. Nylon has a long reputation for being the most durable synthetic carpet fiber on the market. What’s its secret? Nylon has the ability to “bounce back” from compaction. Other fibers lack nylon’s high resilience and tend to show wear and tear significantly sooner.

Nylon is flexible in many different ways; it can be used in the manufacture of different types and styles of carpets. This gives you a variety of styles to choose from. Nylon is also flexible in the fact that it comes in many colors making it one of the most utilized materials in designing carpets.

Foot traffic is one of the biggest threats to the cleanliness of your floors. As one of the most durable carpeting materials on the market, nylon is also one of the easiest to keep clean. As spills inevitably arise, there are a few ways to prevent them from permanently staining. Immediate blotting will make it easier for you to clean up later.

Nylon carpets are very easy to clean with effective cleaning agents, but do not use carpet cleaners with high alkaline contents may damage nylon carpet. Use cleaning agents with a pH lower than 10 to avoid decreasing the carpet’s stain resistance. Some carpet cleaning home remedies like white vinegar and water, dish detergent and water, club soda and lemon juice can be used to effectively lift stains from nylon carpet fibers.

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6 vs 6,6 Nylon Carpet
There are two types of nylon fibers used by carpet manufacturers, type 6 and type 6,6. These are both nylon, but they have a slightly different molecular structure. Traditionally, most industry experts have agreed that the type 6,6 nylon was superior to the type 6. The 6,6 nylon fiber is slightly more resilient with its ability to withstand more compression and resist static, and its higher melting point. However, type 6 nylon is easier to recycle.

While there are a few distinct differences between type 6 and type 6,6 nylon carpet, with technological advancements in manufacturing processes, the differences are minor. You can feel confident in either type of nylon carpet for your home or business.


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