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STAINMASTER® Live Well™ Carpet

Keeping Your Home Clean & Comfortable!

Every homeowner wants comfort and well-being when it comes to carpet. That’s why STAINMASTER® has created the first carpet system designed to fight allergens. The STAINMASTER® Live Well™ carpet series helps protect you and your family from those hard to see particles formed by pollen, dust, dog and cat dander.

With a safe and clear protective coating using AllerShield™ technology, your Live Well™ carpet will make every pass of the vacuum 90% more effective in picking up allergy-aggravating particles.*

The Benefits of STAINMASTER® Live Well™ Carpet include:

  • Safe for kids & pets.
  • Every pass with the vacuum is 90% more effective.*
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Same high standards of every STAINMASTER® carpet offering superior stain resistance and soil protection which helps keep the carpet clean and easy to maintain
  • Texture Retention helps maintain the original appearance

Coles Fine Flooring | StainMaster PlatinumWith benefits like these, we’re proud to offer the STAINMASTER® family of high quality carpets. In fact, Coles is San Diego County’s exclusive STAINMASTER® Flooring Center. Every STAINMASTER® carpet you purchase from Coles comes with the Platinum Promise™ Advantage which allows many STAINMASTER® carpets to include enhanced lifetime** warranties covering more than just food and beverage stains.

Comfort. Clean. And Peace of Mind. STAINMASTER® Live Well™ Carpet.


*Measured with home vacuuming compared to STAINMASTER® carpet without AllerShield™ technology.
**See store for details.


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