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5 Reasons Why Vinyl Plank is Better Than Ceramic Tile

Choosing the right flooring for your home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. The choice often trickles down to either vinyl plank or ceramic tile, especially in homes where flooring is subject to staining agents or moisture. That affects places such as your bathroom and kitchen. 

Vinyl plank and ceramic tile are closely related but entirely different substances. They also have different installation costs, installation simplicity, and maintenance characteristics. 

Going with a vinyl plank for your flooring needs can deliver a superior experience due to the following five reasons:

#1: It has a superior aesthetic appeal


Long before anyone starts criticising the nitty-gritties of your floor finish, they will marvel at the appearance. That is why you need to choose a flooring solution that creates a positive first-time impression. Vinyl plank features a wide range of colors and styles, giving you more flexibility to create a superior aesthetic appeal with your floor works. 

You can use a vinyl plank to mimic any desired flooring style, including ceramic tile. That’s because it features a well-integrated photographic technology that makes it nearly impossible to tell apart from the real thing. 

#2: It is easy and faster to install

Anyone who needs the easiest DIY tiling solution needs not look further. Vinyl plank has an easy installation process that takes less time to complete than ceramic tile. It typically features a snap-lock system where individual pieces are interlinked along the edges. 

You can think of the installation method in the same way that you would for laminate flooring – easy and fast. It is about 60% faster than ceramic tile to install. You no longer have to worry about elevating the hard surface floor. Additionally, you can install the planks right on top of your hard surface. 

#3: Creates less mess 

No matter how careful one can be, ceramic tiling works often creates a significant amount of mess. It requires completely ripping off the floor to level the surface and ready it for installation. The process creates a lot of dust, which is a health hazard. Thus, you may need to leave your home for a given period until an expert completes the tiling work. 

On the other hand, installing vinyl plank is less messy, producing little to no dust. Additionally, you can easily clean the vinyl plank post-installation, and it is ready to use almost immediately. 

#4: Vinyl plank is budget-friendly

Installing vinyl plank in San Diego, CA usually costs far less than ceramic tile. The average cost at the store is lower than for tile. You also have the option of saving on installation labor costs because this is something that you can do on your own. Vinyl planks can be glued down or installed with a peel-and-stick, or click-and-lock system. Installation is relatively easy to undertake, even for those who may be inexperienced with home improvement projects. However, Coles installation craftsmen can handle this for you as well and comes with the assurance of a fully guaranteed professional installation.


#5: Can be replaced as you wish

Vinyl plank allows the flexibility of easily changing it as you see fit. Such a possibility works well for people who love changing home designs depending on the latest trend. Therefore, you will feel less stuck to an old look after several years down the line.

If you’re ready to install vinyl plank , call us today! Contact your team at Cole’s Fine Flooring with 3 locations in San Diego, CA.

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