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coles fine flooring is dealer of the month

Dealer of the Month Awarded by CALI

coles fine flooring is dealer of the month

At Coles Fine Flooring, we are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the Dealer of the Month by CALI.

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A Chat with Lauren Coles

1. How long have you been a
CALI partner and why?

Coles has partnered with CALI
since 2017. We’re an established, family-run company that values relationship-driven
partnerships, right in line with CALI’s philosophy.
Together, we’ve been able to build a great friendship as well as unique programs that fit Coles’ business model.

2. What is one of your favorite wins that Coles and CALI have had together?

Our stock program features CALI Vinyl Builder’s Choice, Longboards, and Legends. We’re glad to promote a product category that offers competitive price tiers, differentiated specs, and plenty of color options – there’s something for everyone!


3. What is your favorite CALI product and why?

CALI Hardwoods Meritage. I am a big fan of real wood and truly appreciate the natural variation and color that Meritage has to offer. Mr. Steve Coles recently installed over 3,000 sqft of
Knotty Barrel from the Meritage collection in his home!


4. What excites you about the future of our partnership?

I look forward to strengthening our relationship and expanding our product categories. I’m very excited to showcase the new Barrel hardwood collection and CALI Laminate.

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