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Is Vinyl Plank Flooring Waterproof?

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Vinyl plank flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners, as it can provide an attractive and durable surface that is relatively easy to maintain. But one of the key questions people often ask our associates at Coles Fine Flooring in San Diego is whether this type of flooring is waterproof. In this article, we’ll explore the difference between water-resistant, waterproof, and flood-proof flooring so that you can make an informed choice on the right product for your needs!

What is vinyl plank flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring is a type of flooring made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a synthetic material that is strong and durable. It comes in planks or tiles that resemble hardwood floors and has the same depth, graining, and texture as real wood. The planks are designed to click together for easy installation, making them perfect for DIYers or professional installation for the not so handy. Vinyl plank flooring is available in different colors and styles that can match any home design.

Water-resistant vs. waterproof vs. flood-proof

Vinyl plank flooring is a great option for many homeowners, as it provides an attractive and durable surface that is relatively easy to maintain. But when it comes to this type of flooring and its water-resistance, it’s important to understand three key terms that are often used to describe vinyl plank flooring: water-resistant, waterproof, and flood-proof. 

Water-resistant floors are designed to resist normal amounts of water but not be completely impervious to moisture or spills. These floors can handle some liquid splashing onto them without issues, but they may warp or swell if they come into contact with large amounts of water over a long period of time. 

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Waterproof floors provide more protection against moisture and spills than water-resistant floors do. These floors are sealed in such a way that makes them almost completely impenetrable by liquids, meaning any spills will stay on top instead of seeping through and damaging the floor below.

Flood-proof floors such as tile flooring offer even more protection against moisture than waterproof floors do and typically have special barriers built in which protect against large amounts of standing or flowing water that could cause serious damage to other types of flooring. Because the planks between vinyl plank flooring are not sealed to the standard of being flood-proof, this flooring is considered waterproof but not flood-proof.

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When it comes to your new flooring, it’s important to understand what level of protection you need before making a purchase. If you expect your space to get wet frequently or have children or pets that may track in moisture from outside, then a waterproof vinyl plank flooring will definitely fit the bill!

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Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring

One major advantage to vinyl plank flooring is its affordability as it is typically less expensive than hardwood or laminate. Additionally, vinyl planks are designed to click together for easy installation, making them perfect for DIYers who want to save money on labor costs.


Vinyl plank flooring also offers great durability and resilience. It is highly resistant to scratches, dents and wear-and-tear due to its solid construction and waterproof nature. This makes it ideal for areas with high foot traffic or pet activity, as it will hold up well over time. Get more detail how luxury vinyl flooring is for pet owners.  As mentioned earlier, vinyl plank flooring is also water resistant and won’t swell or expand when exposed to moisture like some other types of flooring will. This makes it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, laundry rooms and other areas of the house that may be exposed to water or humidity.

With all these benefits taken into consideration, there’s no doubt that vinyl plank flooring is a great choice for any homeowner looking for an attractive yet durable way to update their space!

Ultimately, vinyl plank flooring is considered waterproof and can fit into pretty much any lifestyle. If you still have questions, we encourage you to stop in to our location near you to speak with our flooring experts!

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