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Armstrong Vinyl: Durable & Realistic Design Looks

Vinyl flooring is known for its durability and realistic designs. We carry a wide selection in stone, ceramic, wood and slate looks. Vinyl is a perfect choice for active households.

Vinyl flooring remains one of the most popular flooring options. Not only is it available in a wide range of looks, it’s durable and easy to clean. It also comes in either 6’ or 12’ rolls, which helps you avoid seams where you don’t want them.

Coles Fine Flooring | Armstrong
Coles Fine Flooring | Armstrong
Coles Fine Flooring | Tile
Coles Fine Flooring | Tile
Coles Fine Flooring | Armstrong
Coles Fine Flooring | Armstrong
Coles Fine Flooring | Tile
Coles Fine Flooring | Tile

Choosing your Vinyl Flooring

When choosing the right vinyl flooring for your home, begin with the “look.” There’s a popular trend in home design towards “natural realism,” where home products look and feel like objects found in nature. Armstrong uses cutting-edge print technology to manufacture beautiful floors that look like various wood species, stone variants and other natural materials. Once you decide what kind of natural look you are looking for in a floor, you can narrow down your search!

Armstrong Vinyl Is Built For Tough Wear

Armstrong Vinyl flooring is tough and durable. You won’t have to worry about damage from pets or active children on these floors! All of Armstrong’s vinyl products come with the toughest wear layers available. Under normal household use, these vinyl sheet floors won’t rip, tear or score, guaranteed.

Easy Installation On Almost Any Surface

Vinyl flooring can be installed over almost any existing floor, so long as it is flat, smooth, and dry. Installation options vary based upon the sheet vinyl flooring you select, so unless you are a seasoned DIYer we recommend sheet vinyl flooring be professionally installed.

Protective Layer For Easy Care & Maintenance

In addition to its beautiful, natural looks, Armstrong vinyl flooring is easy to maintain. Many of their vinyl floors have a protective wear layer that prevents stains, scratches and scuffs. All you need to do is sweep regularly and mop as needed with Armstrong Once ‘N Done floor cleaner.

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